mercredi 16 septembre 2009

Sabbath idea

Here we go! it's been a while since the last post, sorry . Busy year i guess ^^, new school, new boyfriend ;p, new life so new tatoo!

I drew it during courses of course, i draw another one but gave it to my hairdresser, i took a picture with my camera but last week some thief stole my entire handbag with purse, paycheck, all my papers and my camera T-T .

i'm more disapointed by loosing my picture than my camera though, am i crazy ? Maybe lol, but i can buy another camera but i can not remake my tatoo, it's unique stuff, you draw it because of a feeling, sensation at a certain time so it's vanished forever bouh bouh ... lol

So here my new one named devilish skull, you guess why i assume ^^. i have the project to make it in a real masq in wood or argile if i have a moment ...

It is symetric by its form but not by its patterns, because the bad things have one definition but many many ways to happen.

But as usual you can interpret it the way you like ^^ the point is to enjoy it i hope you will ^^.

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